Why You Should Try Luxury Car Hauling

Val Tkachuck
Val Tkachuck
March 4, 2024
Why You Should Try Luxury Car Hauling

When you have been working in the car-hauling industry for a long time, sooner or later, you begin to think about scaling, including through reaching new audiences. One of the most promising options for such scaling is luxury car hauling

However, is the game worth the candle, especially considering that the owners of such cars don’t want to entrust their transportation to beginners? Let's check all the pitfalls of this business niche and find out how to get around them.

Luxury Car Owners Pay More

In the USA, high end car transport services cost about $1.90 per mile (note that the rate may be lower when shipping luxury cars over long distances, from five hundred miles or more). At the same time, similar services for other cars are much cheaper – according to Forbes, the average price for non-VIP services is $1.15 per mile.

In general, if your workflows have long been established and brought to perfection, and your clients are satisfied with your services in general, perhaps now is the best time to think about expanding your range of services by exotic vehicle transport ones.

Luxury Car Owners Pay More

...Roger That, It Means More Money. But What Are the Challenges?

We seem to have figured out the advantages luxury auto transport companies get. So, now, let's talk a few words about possible challenges you may face in your exotic car transport business.

More Experience

The main problem in the field of transporting luxury cars is the risk of damage - in fact, this risk is typical for everyone who is involved in car hauling. Also, sometimes drivers do not check the condition of the car in sufficient detail before loading and thus face unfounded claims from customers, particularly in the luxury market.

The losses can't be taken from the driver's earnings, as they don't make enough monthly to cover such costs.. That’s why, most likely, the staff who will interact directly with clients will need additional training, and you, in turn, will have to think about providing them with a luxury car hauling salary, which is usually higher than in other hauling services.

Additional Equipment

You will also likely need to purchase additional equipment or upgrade the one that you already have, including flatbed trailers, soft straps, and wheel nets. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers due to failure to meet their initial expectations. 

Additional Equipment for luxury hauling

Another Marketing Approach 

It is important to understand that the approach to VIP clients has its own specifics. Even though the VIP clients are sought through the same channels as any other – through the Internet, on load boards, – you will need to think about expanding your website with a new section representing your luxury car transport service and create a new attractive USP specifically for this category of audience.

Use the Haulk App for Luxury Car Hauling

In addition to all the challenges described above, it is crucial to make your business processes in a new niche smooth and eliminate any risks associated with the loss of critical data.

Use the Haulk App for Luxury Car Hauling

For example, many luxury vehicle transportation companies experience damage to cars during their shipment, so it is extremely important to be able to conduct a detailed inspection of the car’s condition before unloading it onto the truck. Actually, there are special software solutions for this that allow you to upload photos centrally, in the form of reports, instead of sending them to car owners via instant messengers.

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