Top 14 Apps for Truckers

Val Tkachuck
Val Tkachuck
March 13, 2024
14 Best Apps for Truckers

Many companies involved in cargo transportation often experience a gradual complication of route planning processes. Therefore, automation of tasks associated with them becomes a real necessity since in the short term, this has a positive effect on the speed and quality of truckers’ workflows, and in the long term, it reduces staff turnover. 

Below, we will look at the best apps for truck drivers – you may already be familiar with some of them but, at the same time, you’ll definitely meet the new ones as well.

Loadboards and Orders

This type of software is designed to unite shippers, freight brokers, and carriers in a single digital plane for placing/receiving orders without the participation of third parties. Let's look at the best applications that have the appropriate functionality.

Loadboards and Orders


It's no surprise that we're starting this list with our app. Actually, this is not self-promotion – rather, we’d like to present a solution that was created based on an in-depth analysis of the competitors’ pros and cons, as well as our personal development experience for transportation companies seeking custom solutions.

So, what functionality does this ePOD app for truck drivers have? First of all, it is a comprehensive platform for cargo transportation, including functionality for both drivers and operators (loading, delivery, real-time management of vehicles and cargo, etc.), and for the sales department, thanks to the built-in CRM module. Let's take a closer look at the capabilities of a Haulk app:

  • Centralized management of dispatchers, drivers, and trucks
  • Planning tasks with deadlines
  • Assigning tasks to drivers with the ability to configure priority and due date
  • Automated drivers’ salaries calculation, order processing, and invoicing
  • Reports and analytics
  • Customized document templates
  • Centralized platform for communication with operators
  • Instant notifications about cargo delays and other force majeure events
  • Order tracking and management
  • Real-time cargo status updates

Overall, with a Haulk truck loads app, you get a flexible and customizable solution that can cover the vast majority of resource-intensive tasks in your transportation company. We also note that the functionality of this application is regularly expanded, and very soon, you will be able to check a number of new, very useful features.

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DAT is another popular app for truckers traveling within North America. It contains multiple tools for trip planning (interactive maps, credit scores, etc.) and allows drivers to use them efficiently. It collects and stores up-to-date data about fuel prices, available parking spaces, rest stops, etc.

The application also provides all the necessary capabilities for searching and booking cargo transportation orders, planning and optimizing trips, and receiving payments for completed orders (this takes up to 24 hours). 

As for the disadvantages of this software, its service time is inconvenient for the work schedules of some drivers. Also, some drivers complain that they have to spend a lot of time calling cargo due to the limited information posted.

Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch is a fairly popular software solution for facilitating communication between carriers, shippers, and brokers. 

In particular, carriers receive a centralized solution that combines the functionality of several highly targeted applications, including some autonomous ones. This allows them to cover the vast majority of their work tasks, from booking loads to receiving payments. As for shippers and brokers, they can benefit from Super Dispatch's proprietary technology, which provides them with operational visibility, real-time freight tracking, and fast, simple, and cost-effective scalability.

Speaking of disadvantages, some users note the presence of bugs. Also, many are not satisfied with the existing reporting functionality, the lack of robust accounts payable/receivable, the weak customer service, and the inability to send invoices directly from the application.

You can also follow this link to check the difference between the Haulk app and the Super Dispatch app.

Truckstop Go

Truckstop Go is a well-known SaaS solution for freight coordination. Truckstop Go differs from all aforementioned trucking apps in that it provides users with only verified orders and only verified drivers. You'll also find advanced, easy-to-use decision-making tools to help you choose the best rates based on the number of available trucks and the number of orders based on origin and destination.

In general, this is a very convenient truck driver app that will solve many standard problems, such as truck overload, traffic congestion on specific routes, etc. And, of course, it is worth noting the presence of API access, which will ensure seamless integration with the rest of your company’s software fleet.

At the same time, this product is not without disadvantages, such as the unavailability of a free trial version, the lack of additional opportunities to promote offers of new drivers and carriers, the presence of misleading information about loading, as well as frequent pop-ups and surveys.

Fuel Apps

Another useful type of software is fuel applications that help drivers plan their routes taking into account nearby gas stations. Below, we will consider the three most popular of them, which can be used by drivers traveling within North America.

Fuel Apps


With this one of the best truck navigation apps, your drivers will quickly find the best gas stations in the US with the lowest fuel prices. Thanks to a built-in interactive map updated in real time, they can both plan routes in advance and navigate directly on the road.

The GasBuddy application also provides several additional convenient tools, such as a trip cost calculator, outage tracker, gas price map, fuel purchase log, vehicle recalls, and much more.


The Truckbubba truck tools app can be used by drivers throughout North America. It helps drivers instantly find the nearest stops, parking lots, and repair shops so they can comply with DOT and HOS regulations.

Among the most useful features of this software solution are the search for the best deals on diesel fuel with constantly updated prices (taking into account the current location of the driver), detection of freight transport facilities (stops, rest areas, parking lots, weighing stations, etc.), GPS route planner, weather forecast, speed alerts, loadboard, and so on.

Pilot Flying J myRewards Plus

This is another fuel app for truckers that will help your drivers save your money by choosing the most profitable offers for the purchase of diesel fuel and more. In particular, it also allows them to benefit from exclusive offers on food, drinks, and other goods they can buy at the fuel stations.

Also, with its help, drivers can accumulate points, which can later be converted into discount coupons. Finally, Pilot Flying J myRewards Plus can boast such useful features as mobile refueling, shower reservations, and nearby parking lots search.

Weather Apps

And, of course, don’t forget that the weather can also affect the work schedule of your drivers and the speed of order completion. This means that they should have at their hands mobile weather forecasting applications as well.

Weather Apps

My Radar

MyRadar provides general information about potential radar precipitation in the location where your drivers are currently located. The solution also provides high-definition radar, as well as NOAA alerts on weather, temperatures, forecasts, and detailed hurricane tracking.

NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar is another great mobile truck weather app that updates data in real time based on the driver's location. This data includes current temperature, daily highs and lows, chance of rain, humidity, weather changes, wind speed, visibility information, and much more. The application also allows users to quickly check the weather in several different places.

Weather Channel

This real-time updated weather app for truckers will keep them informed about all upcoming weather events. The application has a built-in live map to track storms and hurricanes, as well as severe weather (rain, snow, ice, etc.) and an air quality index (to determine the location of forest fires). Thanks to this, your drivers will be able to receive instant notifications about an approaching storm or anything else that may affect their trip planning.

Other Apps That Drivers May Find Useful

Finally, we would like to share with you a few more apps that will help make your drivers' trips more comfortable.

Other Apps That Drivers May Find Useful


Spotify is probably the most famous streaming service for content of different formats (music tracks, podcasts, and videos) from creators from all over the world. The main functionality of Spotify is available for free. Your drivers will be able to use this application during rest hours to make their leisure time more diversified and fun.


FatSecret is a simple, easy-to-use, and absolutely free mobile calorie counter, which has also been recognized as one of the most effective software solutions for weight loss and dieting. Considering the low physical activity that truckers' work requires, this software will help them monitor their nutrition and weight using the world's most comprehensive food database. Also, here, drivers can join the community to share their problems and personal experiences of losing weight.


Dock411 is a popular trucking services app that displays up-to-date information about a shipper facility. In particular, with this product, your drivers will know what to expect before they get to their destination – for this, they will be able to check a detailed map, reviews from other drivers, amenities such as bathrooms and Wi-Fi, typical waiting times, weight restrictions, parking spaces, etc.

BigRoad ELD

BigRoad ELDs are certified devices with pre-installed software that automatically records drivers’ working hours and calculates time before rest. They fully comply with rules and regulations adopted in the United States and Canada. 

BigRoad ELD alerts your drivers when they are approaching the end of their trip and automatically updates the meter after hours of rest. Thus, your cargo transportation company will be able to avoid fines associated with non-compliance and also, which is an additional advantage, minimize paper documentation.